Sunday, September 28, 2008


That's all that was on tap today. I drove out to the beach yesterday, but crashed out in my car. By the time I got back up, it was high tide and shut down. How do you like that? Get up early enough only to be too tired and crash out at the finish line and did not even get to enjoy the prize for waking up that early.

It was foggy both days and high tide was early in the morning, around 9am on Saturday and 10 something today. The water temp has dropped 5 degrees and most everyone is in full suits again. I donned my sub $100 suit wondering what a $300 would feel like. Sometimes I'm tempted to get one, but then just bag that idea.

Since the waves were mostly lefts, I had to practice backside. I used to like going backside more, but now it's the opposite. I still like pig dogging going left.

Good thing about wetsuit season is the thinning of the crowds. Only the regulars show up at that point.


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