Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Nose, Knows

It's not a Fruit Loops commercial, but my nose basically reacted to the super poor water quality. Not only was there a brown filmy substance in different patches, but there were also some weird stringy, floating things. Quite honestly, it was like surfing after someone puked. Got to love pollution.

I'm taking Sudafed nasal decongestant hoping it'll clear things up. If I don't see improvement by the evening, going to have to get some stuff that knocks me out.

The waves were small on Saturday, but were picking up as the morning wore on. High tide sort of slowed things down for a short while, but it wasn't very high.

The crowds were in full force because we're going through a heat wave in Southern California. Temps are topping the upper 90s and 80s at the beaches. Next week is going to be a zoo.

Haven't really blogged in awhile because there wasn't anything to blog about since there hasn't been many swells.
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