Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Swamp surfing

First time back in more than a few weeks and I get the luck of getting to surf in the swamp. Way too much water to make it fun. The lines were pouring in, but the vast majority of them didn't break until they were right on shore.

I did get called off of one wave by someone hooting or whatever you want to call it. He's goofy so he wanted to go left, even though I think he had more of a shoulder if he were to have gone right. Oh well. He had priority since he was up first.

It was overcast and the water is still chilly, somewhere in the mid 50s is my guess.

Sunday wasn't any better even though the tide was not as high and came on later in the day, due to Daylight's Saving time and the natural way of things. I didn't even bother getting wet. I know, travel all that way and not get wet? At what point is it not worth it? I didn't want to get wet just to get wet and get teased by all those waves that don't break.

There's rain in the forecast for this weekend, so I may have to wait.
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