Saturday, May 12, 2007

Still sidelined

Yep, still no surfing for me. If anything, the leg feels worse. I went to get some acupuncture done and that was torture. Sitting there with a bunch of needles stuck all over and the worst part is that you can't move at all or there will be some pain associated. The needles are touching some meridians or something. Anyway, this means I'm still sidelined for the time being. I may give it a go in a few weeks to test it out.

Till then, I have to get my surfing kicks from watching my library of surf DVDs. I'm sure everyone has a library of them by now.

The top of the list for me is the first Endless Summer. Just about every surfer has watched this movie at some time or other. It's timeless. Even the poster is a classic piece of art. The soundtrack went well with the overall good vibes of the film.

Other films adorning my very small library, Endless Summer II, Step Into Liquid, Blue Horizon, Riding Giants, Singlefin Yellow, Thicker Than Water, September Sessions, and a few Japanese surf DVDs.

The ones that I can watch over and over again are: Endless Summer, Singlefin Yellow, Step Into Liquid, and Riding Giants. I'm more of a fan of Singlefin Yellow and Endless Summer since I don't rip up waves like a shortboarder. The past few sessions have been on my fun board, something that doesn't shred waves like a shortboard, due to size and ability of rider (more this than any other point).

Anyway, I hope everyone is having fun out there.

Sharkbait, I'll get around to getting an epoxy at some point or borrowing (stealing) someone else's. I'll give you my impressions when that day arrives.
Clerks II - July 21, 2006