Saturday, October 08, 2016

Surrounded by Kooks

Tried a new spot in San Diego today with my new board. Waves were small today, everywhere. State Parks pass didn't apply, so I had to pay $2/hr for a pass. I really should have walked just a little farther north because where I was at was crowded as sin. I thought Bolsa was crowded, but this place takes the cake. It felt a lot like Sunset, where it's super crowded with lots of beginners.

The beginners had to fight for waves from a wave hog. Some kook hopped on a wave and nearly ran over some people, me included. In all fairness, I don't think he had a way to go because some wave hog shoulder hopped him.

Water is definitely cleaner in SD than OC. You can see the bottom with the seaweed and kelp floating around. The waves were way more consistent, meaning there wasn't a whole lot of sitting and waiting for waves to come around. The south side of the pier is way more crowded than the north side.

People are really forgiving. The guy who almost got ran over and who had to swim after his board after nearly getting nailed in the head, asked the young offender whether he was alright or not. I thought he was going to yell at the kook, but he didn't anything of the sort.

There was a goofy footer who looked a lot like Rob Machado, frizzy hair and goatee and all. He wasn't as smooth as Rob, but at least he got the look down. He did try to hop on one of my waves, but he went left while I went right.

I'm definitely going to check out a few other spots and may even brave trying a more localized place one day, like Windansea.


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