Monday, March 27, 2006

Crappy March

It's been forever since I surfed, mostly due to weather than anything else. The one mid month weekend good for surf, found me out of town on business. Sort of sucks. I did finally go out this weekend and the water has warmed up considerably. Friday was cold, but the water was a lot warmer on Sunday. I didn't have much hope for either session cause there's no swell and the high tide in the morning screwed things up a bit.

I caught a few short rides on Friday, but had a ball on Sunday. The waves weren't that good till about 10 am or so. That's when the waves cleaned up cause the tide was going out. I had more than a handful of rides that went to the beach. Most of them were rights. It was a good thing that I brought out the 9'2, or I would have struggled a lot more.

I went to Whiff's page and saw a great clip of a 1st person perspective of different barrels. After looking at tha tclip, frontside rides gave me a bit of anxiety, sort of like real life. I feel way more comfortable going backside (which is left for me). Can't say what it is really.
Clerks II - July 21, 2006